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Welcome to the Deep Space Alliance

We are a collection of friendly, helpful Star Trek Online players committed to having fun and helping the members of our alliance with the grind and becoming more proficient captains.

Our alliance comprises 5 fleets: 


Deep Space Squadron
Deep Space Protectors

To join, please post below your in-game name/nick (like Lyla@costahd3) and your in-game rank

Optional, respond to the question: what do you expect from a fleet?

In a few minutes one of our members will send an invite in game to you character.  You must log on to the game to receive our invitation.

costahd@costahd - fleet admiral

good day,
fleets founder and leader


  1. Commander Richard@kokomenoso reporting for duty.

  2. Centurion Galadreil@strangleduste a liberated federation borg looking for a fleet to join. What I am looking for a fleet is an active fleet with helpful members who like to group from time to time. A fleet that has fleet activities as well. If this is you guys and you are looking for new recruits then I would love to join! Please message me in game if you have any questions. Thanks in advance!

  3. Would someone please invite my new Romulan (Klingon side) to the Deep Space Klingon Force? He's level 50 - Duvek@cloudsifter. I already have level 50 Gorn - Rraaash@cloudsifter - that is a sergeant in the DSKF.

    Been trying to get Duvek invited for the past week with no success.


  4. Vice Admiral sh3ik@sh3ikxi. I've herd good things from a friend currently a member and I'm interested in joining up.