*** Fleet Events ***

Main Schedule
 Day of the week 
Innitiation Day
Duty Officers Day
Elite Day
Fleet Starbase Day
Special skills

Fleet Events Officers contacts
Event Officer
ingame email to

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How to participate and join ?
You must find others on fleet chat or Alliance chat channel to team up, to form a group, to create events and to start chatting based on the nature of the fleet daily on that day. You must create events and invite others or ask to join.
Maybe, no one have create an event in that moment you want, so it;s up to you to motivate others to join you.

Fleet Events Points
Any member - all fleet ranks -  that distinguish in involving and helping others, in creating events and being a honorable member of the Alliance will receive 1 fleet events point.
You can play and have fun withing fleet and in the same time to get fleet events points.

Get 20 fleet events points and you will receive a very special item like Master Keys, ships or other special items

How to obtain fleet events points ? 
Someone must announce and recommend you to a Fleet Events Officer. 
And it's up to you to recommend others to a Fleet Events Officer.
Is not allowed to recommend yourself.

- one fleet point per day / per event
- no events days will be Monday and Wednesday
- anyone can create events or ask to be invited
- specially, Admirals, Officers and Junior Officers fleet ranks must to create events

How you will know when is a special fleet event ? 
you can see the schedule here on the blog or from fleet events tab from fleet menu in the game
CTRL G, then click on Events

Main events: 
1. Innitiation Day
items, level-up, experience, fast level-up, enjoy teaming
- anyone can ask to join or to create events
- specially, officers and juniors must create and invite others to events
- ask someone to help on a mission
- make missions for fast level-up, ask others for best ways

2. Duty Officers Day
dillithium, items, level-up, experience, duty officers, show your ship
- learn how get new projects
- invite others to your ship and to start from there a duty officers assignments
- tell or ask for projects from different zones with special projects
- tell us about a new project you find

3. Elite Day
dillithium, items, enjoy teaming
- Special Task Force (STF) events
- romulan marks
- shuttle event
- any other events

4. Fleet Starbase Day
fleet marks, fleet credits, items, enjoy teaming
- fleet marks events
- learn others how to max their contribution and earn more fleet credits
- learn others how to get stuff from fleet starbase based on their fleet credits
- visit fleet starbase together or alone and learn the facilities and how to use it 

5. Special skills
dillithium, items, enjoy teaming, special missions and skills, PVP, Ground, ship build, weapons, tutorials and guides
- Special Task Force (STF) events
- PVP to test your ship or any other test
- Ground missions and events
- any other special missions and events that you usually don't do it 
- learn how to max you skills, ship build, your character general build, weapons
- post or comment on the blog details about your ship build or weapons, tell us why you are so good

Other special Events:

Special schedule only for Admiral fleet rank
Day of the week
Apply to
Admiral Duties Day
Admiral fleet rank

a) Fun Day - make jokes and riddles, interesting facts, relax for all day, 
*attention to vocabulary - may lead to demotions
- the fleet Admirals can choose to activate this event in the same time with other events
- the  event can be activated by using Message of the day

Note: your ingame name will be displayed on the fleet blog, on leader-board by using Google Docs. If you don’t agree with this you have multiple choices: leave the fleet until 7 May or contact immediately all the Fleet Events Officers (the list is on the blog) and ask not to show your ingame name.
The Google Docs can be accessed with the exact link only.

To debate please add a comment bellow, see how to put a comment on the blog here

thank you,


  1. Hi,

    "Collecting Dilithium day" - A team of 1 officer and 4 more doing missions to collect Dilithium.

    For below VA 50, a officer can assemble a Team and re-do
    some missions with special rewards, like the Reman space shield (out of the reputation system).


    1. thank you for your idea, To'Kell, i put it in short list

  2. new updates:

    1. PVP Day - a few members from Klingon fleet will present soon their ideas about a PVP Day, look for the comments bellow
    2. we will reactivate the Team Speak 3 server from ~ 15 May

  3. new update:
    Collecting Dilithium day

  4. Updated the starting day for Fleet Events from 6 to 7 May and i posted the fleet Events Officers table

  5. from a rookie "immune" - just realized how much (good) info is in this blog. good stuff...