Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Alliance chat - Tutorial

How to join Alliance Chat Channel

there are 2 ways to add the channel:

1. Alternatively, you can type on the chat window: /channel_join deep space alliance

2. Right click on any Chat Tab in the chat window to bring up the Chat Configuration Window
Click on the Channels Tab and enter the name of the channel you wish to join: deep space alliance in the Join window. Then click Join

More details

Alliance chat

As You know we have 3 fleets in our alliance. This doesn't mean much if we are unable to communicate properly. We have a in-game chat channel were all members from 3 fleets should be subscribed. This makes getting help, team up or finding friends easier. Adding a channel is not really straight forward so this is a small tutorial how to do it.

Open Chat configuration window

1) Open chat menu (marked in red)
2) Open Chat configuration( marked in blue)

Add a new channel

1) Select "Channels" tab (marked in red)
2) Enter deep space alliance in a field (marked in yellow)
3) If you entered the name correctly button will change from "Create" to "Join" (marked in blue)
4) Click "Join"

And you will get new channel in your list

As default tabs have auto assign option so chats from new channel will be shown automatically for example on Fleet chat.

Writing on a new channel 

 In the lower-left combo-box of the chat-box select "DS Alliance channel" to write.

Adding a new tab for convenience

Tabs remember last channel on which you have written so its easier to create a new tab and whenever you want to write on different channel select a tab instead of going through combo-box. Also its more noticable so less chance to write on wrong channel.

1) Select "Tabs" tab on the same Chat configuration screen

2) Click button "New" (marked in red)
3) Enter channel name for example "DSA" (marked in yellow)
4) Optional: In the list on the left u can turn-off things that you don't want to see. I turn off "Zone"(bottom of the list) as this can be tiresome when in populated zone.

Final result

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