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Fleet Starbase - General info

Fleet starbase
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"Why do we need starbase?"

Plan is that starbase offers regular meeting place for its fleet members. To achieve that we need to fill it with all facilities we use regularly(bank, exchange, doff contacts etc.). The other bonuses include special(not otherwise obtainable) weaponry , equipment and ships which members can purchase for dilithium and fleet credits(more about that below).  Also pretty convenient is that transwarping to starbase keeps your previous location and returning to sector space returns to that location. So unloading on exchange or rearming doesn't require to fly different corner of the universe.

Starbase projects

To open up all possibilites of starbase we need to contribute to starbase projects. Click on Ctrl+G(fleet screen) and check "Holdings" tab.  Projects are split into 2 groups "Starbase projects" and "Starbase special projects".

 "Starbase projects" group

There are 2 types of projects here: for XP and for provisions.First ones(for XP) offer flat bonus to some of the starbase XP in some category(eng, mil or sci). This is important as with leveling in those categories we open Upgrading projects(more on that below) which actually add options to starbase as well as push overall starbase XP.
Projects for provision add some XP also(50%)  but main goal is to add "provisions" to some of the categories(eng, mil or sci) for our fleet. This provisions are spent when fleet members purchase special equipment from starbase stores. Therefor equipment in starbase stores is not unlimited but must be added there by joint effort. Fleet screen offers general but somewhat cryptic total of available provisions so it's the best to check availability when you open the store in starbase. Above available equipment list there is a total number of provisions for that item.

"Starbase special projects" group

This group is poorly named as it contains "Special" and "Upgrading " projects.  When you see  that term "Special" project  is mentioned anywhere it  will be always used for actual "Special" project not "Starbase special projects" group.

"Upgrading" projects are most important projects for starbase. They need a lot of time to complete but after completing them new features are added to starbase as well some XP is added to overall XP.  They absolute priority when contributing especially in case of fleet marks(check separate article for earning those).
"Special" projects are ment to be used by fleet members to boost  there own fleet credits. After requirements are filled it only needs 30min to start a new one. This is mu least favorite project(although I have contributed to that myself) as it actually allows build up of FC status and not only your life time FC status but Leaderboard status as well without actually contributing to something useful(more on that in separate section).

Few more notes

Admirals queue projects and try to keep all slots busy to make progress as fast as possible some projects have higher priority so be sure to check "Starbase message of the day" (above project list in Holdings tab) to see if there is some important info regarding contributions.

Projects are halted until all requirements are met. Only then timer starts. So buy filling requirements as fast as we can we are speeding up overall starbase progress.

Fleet credits

The main usage of Fleet credits(FC in further text) is to show how much each fleet member is contributed to fleet. They are also used to purchase fleet equipment, weapons or ships. Equipment/Weapons are Ultra rare Mk XII with 4 traits instead of 3 and ships are stronger variants of those offered through C-Store or general ship requisitions.

There are actually 2 FC statuses. One is current FC and other is lifetime FC. Current FC is how much credits you have obtained in your current fleet and you can check this by using "Leaderboard"(upper right corner of Holdings tab).

Lifetime FC can be checked through inventory in the Assets tab and they are spent during purchases and if you switch fleet these are transferred with you.

As I have noted on the forums current earning of the FC is not really 100% fair so some items yield less and some more FC in comparing to their general value(for example in EC). I personally try to balance between what is usable for me and for a fleet ie. give both profitable and unprofitable contributions. Until something is changed in this matter I would recommend that everybody practices the same to keep things going.

Details about FC rewards you can check

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