Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ambassadorial Directive R

The New Romulus sent us an embassador with a special and urgent request. 
"Deep Space Alliance and their fleets must help Romulans to join a fleet more easily and they must be helped as they are new allies and friends."

Deep Space Alliance has agree to respond well to this message and transmit to all fleets a new urgent directive, Directive R.

For all fleets:
- more members will be ranked as Ambassadors (old Officer and Admiral rank), the new ranks will permit the new officers to invite more Romulans to our fleet

Romulan Ambassador meesage: 
There is no special fleet or fleets for Romulans.
When a Romulan reached level 10 he must choose sides: Federation or Klingon. 

Based on this choice the Romulans can join only a Klingon or Federation fleet, you can join one of Deep Space Alliance fleets, Klingon or Federation fleets.

You must ask to join a fleet on shared chat channel: deep space alliance chat.

Here is a tutorial, click

Deep Space Alliance message to the Romulans:
We are pleased and welcome all new fleet members, especially the new Romulans

In collaboration with our newes allies we are preparing a new set of video and text tutorials special for Romulans.

Thank you,

Ambassador for New Romulus, Costa

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