Sunday, 12 May 2013


*** The biggest event of our fleet and Alliance has just began. You don't heard about it ? Then ckeck here Fleet Events ***

1. created About Fleet Events page

2. reminder: the fleet blog can be accessed from mobile phones or tablets, too.
The blog address remains the same:
- you will see the mobile version, but also can switch to full version

3. added the rule time for the Fleet Events points: it's possible to earn only one point per day see Fleet Events

4. added Ship Power Calculator to Guides and Useful right side bar

5, we are looking for : Fleet Events Officers

- minimum fleet rank: member
- to have or create an account email for the duty (i recommend a  new gmail email account) so you can access and edit Google Docs documents

- will be promoted as Admiral in fleet
- access to fleet holdings
- can ask for any item or EC value around ~1 million EC/month; the value is cumulative

- receive any recommendation on ingame email account for the Fleet Events and to track and note on the Google Docs the names of the members who earn recommendations / fleet events points

- send me an email from in-game email to @costahd to apply

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