Saturday, 25 May 2013

Romulan Consoles

1. T'varo Light Warbird
Console - Universal - Singularity Stabilizer
3 Min Cooldown.
Not boosted by anything.

2. Dhael Warbird
Console - Universal - Singularity Inverter
1 Min 40s Cooldown.
Not boosted by anything.

3. Valdore Heavy Warbird
Console - Universal - Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator
Not boosted by anything.

4. D'ridtdau Warbird Battle Cruiser
Console - Universal - Phase Inverter
3 Min Cooldown. 20s Duration. (Channeled)
Not boosted by anything

5. Set Bonuses are following:

Enchanced Weapon Systems Efficiency.
+25 Weapon power drain resistance.
+5 Weapon power.

Enchanced Maneuvering Systems.
+2 Turn rate.
+10 Engine power.

Enchanced Projectile Efficiency.
10% extra projectile weapon damage.(I dunno if it's before of after the modifiers)
20% cooldown reduction to projectile weapons.

Enchanced defensive systems.
increases your defence based on your flight speed by up to +10%.
+5 shield power

6. Haakona Advanced Warbird
Console - Universal - Dual Vector Separation
10 Min Cooldown. (According to description that is, didn't test myself so prepare to pack bunch of these consoles in your inventory.

7. Dhelan Warbird Retrofit.
Console - Universal - Sabotage Probe Launcher
3 Min Cooldown. (Starts when the probe is removed/exploded/triggered)
Dmg boosted by partigens.

8. T'varo Light Warbird Retrofit.
Console - Universal - Plasma Destabilizer
2 Min Cooldown.

9. Mogai Heavy Warbird Retrofit.
Console - Universal - Ionized Particle Beam
3 Min cooldown.
Dmg Boosted by partigens.
Dmg boosted by aux power.
approx 2 Second charge(weapons not firing during this time)
instant dmg, damages everything between you and your target.

10. D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit
Console - Universal - Projected Singularity
3 min Cooldown.
Dmg boosted by partigens.
Dmg not boosted by any power levels.

Level 50 consoles

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