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Simple Keybinding

Information on simple key binding and their functions can be found by following this


This article discusses both typing key binds into the local/chat window and editing the script in a bind file; however, it's primary focus is to enable the player to create a permanent file by which through editing one can have a permanent way to edit, save and restore scripts to make them permanent.
Manipulating the bind file is quick, simple and only requires a basic text editor such as Notepad or Notpad++. Simply insert the desired binds with the proper syntax, then save the file from your computer and then load the file from the game. STO keeps the last copy of the file you loaded from logon to logon so you only need to load the file if you modify the file. Remember to make a backup of your changes, for if you accidentally reset and save the file from the game, you will lose the file you are modifying.

Including the following commands will allow you to quick load, or quick save the current keybind file.

Comments and Keybind the Load and Save of a keybinding File
/ bind_load_file C:\Workstations\_Game Binds\STO_Bind_Space.txt
Loads your existing file
Shift+/ bind_save_file C:\Workstations\_Game Binds\STO_Bind_SpaceTest.txt
Saves current with new name.

Note: The actual file location should be used. This can be any location on your local machine that you remember.
Following these steps, manipulating a bind file to add/remove becomes easy and enjoyable. This guide provides easy-to-read instructions to customize the gaming experience, regardless of experience level in coding and computers.

Considerations: Writing your scripted keybind file

Although this is a safe and recommended way to bind key combinations, there are a few things to consider:

  1. The system always works. However, if the syntax is wrong, the commands may not work as expected or at all.
  2. If the first character is not followed by a space, that will be ignored Ex: |Slipstream
  3. Writing the incorrect syntax will not break the game; however, it may show in the local/chat window the error 'Command not recognized'.
  4. If the binds get disarranged, simply use the "Reset to Default" in your Options:Key Binds menu, delete the bind-file and reload the game.
  5. Black box theory; as long as the syntax is correct and the command is recognized by the game: input equals output.
  6. Key binds aren't a hack and isn't considered cheating. They are an integral, and after making one, an essential part of the game.
  7. To ensure the key binds work in the order intended, due to timing constraints; you must pause between each keystroke, or if you wish to execute several keystroke rapidly you must list them in forward and reverse order. Example: A, B, C - may execute A, C, B; however by binding them thus: A, B, C, B, A, you ensure they execute A, B, C.
  8. Always include closing quote when binding multiple powers to a single key.
  9. Always include the separator $$ between multiple commands when binding multiple powers to a single key.

Rally Point Bug

  1. BOFF's ability to Set Rally Points is compromised if a script line contains a reference to "ContextAction 1" ex: Leftclick "ContextAction 1"

What is a key bind?

Like the Key bind ability found under Main Menu/Options/Key binds, Key binds are a shortcut for a predefined action assigned to a key on your keyboard; when pressed, it invokes an operation.
A keybind is also a scripted line in a text file which using STO's scripting language, proper format and syntax assigns a key to one or more than one predefined action. When loaded into the game from your computer, Pressing a key on your keyboard invokes one or more than one operation to occur in a predefined order.
Both methods produce keybinds; the details and limitations on how to accomplish this will be given below.

Why use key binds?

The purpose of a key bind is to provide a quick and efficient set of commands without the need for multiple key-presses. One example can be during combat; using multiple key-presses can limit the amount of space for skills due to keyboard limitations, whereas a customized bind could assign the same skills to one key.
The game parses multiple skills bound to a key faster than activating them separately. More seasoned players can remove debuffing skills on teammates with just one bind. By adding at least three seconds, the alternative is selecting a teammate and then activating the debuffing skill.
Key binds are essential to becoming a successful Starship Officer. Multiple key binds are essential to becoming a superior Starship Officer!


This article contains lingo not familiar to all players. A legend has been provided:

  1. A "Key" is any button present on a keyboard that includes alphanumerical characters and function keys.
  2. A "Press" is the action of pushing and holding a key in the pressed position.
  3. A "Release" is the action of releasing a held key.
  4. A "Tap" is the action of pushing and releasing a key.
  5. A "Drag" is the action of holding down a mouse button and dragging the mouse.
  6. A "Click" is the action of holding down and releasing a mouse button.
  7. A "DoubleClick" is the action of Clicking twice.
  8. A "Press" is the action of holding down a mouse button.
  9. A "Left+Right" Click is the action of Clicking both the left and right mouse buttons at the same time.
  10. A "Mouse Scroll" is the action of rotating the wheel of the mouse either up or down, if present.


These commands cause an action/power to be perform once each time the command is given, or in script, each time the key is pressed.

Distribute Shield Power
  /+power_exec Distribute_Shields  
  p "+power_exec Distribute_Shields"
When scripting the bindfile.txt the first character is the letter (symbol or key on the keyboard) used to bind this action (here: the letter p is used) followed by a blank space, and then note the action is always enclosed in double quotes. This means, when the bind file is loading into the game, the 'p' key on the keyboard will perform this power or action.

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