Friday, 9 August 2013

Deep Space Alliance - Reborn


the game issues force me and many other players to stop playing Star Trek. Even now there are still many issues and glitches, but no more .. no more waiting .. we are back in the game .. back online ..

See all in the game !!

- since 15th August 2013, the blog will be accessible only to the members of the new Deep Space Alliance and to the fleets within Alliance
 - the Alliance will be reformed based on our believes and trust in unity and sharing
- the Alliance has now 2 fleets: Deep Space Protectors and Deep Space Squadron
- we are welcoming all players to join Alliance
- old members & players who join us will be rewarded with high positions within fleet
for joining or more details please contact me here on blog, in-game by email me to costahd@costahd or by email me to

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